Apache Compression: Performance Magic

Recently I have revisited the performance issue on my largest project – Diorama.Ru.  4000 users with 60.000 page views hitting the server every day. I am proud to have such a “playground” for performance optimization.

We’ve started with the MySQL tuning several months ago, then I have introduced the application level caching using Smarty template engine and finally pushed the last button – Apache gzip compression via mod_deflate.

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Design behind the design :)

Exploring Boxes and Arrows today I’ve found a broken link. The 404-page suggested me to “go back to where you come from”. Nice.

I had an intention to help by informing a webmaster but I didn’t find any single contact (or at least the way to contact the authors) on the whole website. Nothing. Closed like a Black Box.

May be this is a new step in UX evolution, who knows…

Top Microstocks on Google Trends

An interesting picture from the Google Trends covering the popularity of top microsotck brands in the Google search and news.

Microstock Brands on Google Trends

istockphoto: 1.00 shutterstock: 0.66 fotolia: 0.78
0.20  stockxpert: 0.04

Dreamstime and Stockexpert are stagnating on the bottom but Fotolia competes with two other “micro-monsters” on the top. This is quite interesting because it doesn’t exactly reflects the situation with my sales. Also  according to the regular earnings reports posted by Lee Torrents on Microstock Diaries the picture looks a bit different. You never see the Fotolia in the leaders.  Very good promotion or am I missing something as a contributor?

Microstock API Overview

Imagine you are a micro stock photograph. Also imagine your are not working exclusively for one agency but contributing to the top 5: iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia and let’s say… Stockexpert.

Here is where the problem begins: each agency has its own rules, interfaces, submitting channels (HTTP, FTP etc.). Obviously, as the microstock marked is growing, there is a need for additional services and software both for and contributors and buyers.

I also have a couple nice ideas in this area, so  I’ve done a short research on existing microstock API (Application Programming Interface).

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