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How to get an exact version of phpBB

For whatever reason the authors of phpBB are not showing the exact version. At least I can’t find it in two seconds even inside the administration panel.

If there is no easy way to do it,  let’s do this simple trick:

SELECT * FROM `phpbb_config` WHERE `config_name` LIKE ‘%version%’

And here is how to do it in case you need an official support.

TortoiseSVN: libapr_tsvn.dll missing

Don’t touch the running system.

Yesterday I’ve decided to spend some time to upgrade my “old school” TortoiseSVN to the latest release. I thought it should be a five-minute-problem or so.  Sure…

The result was a nice greeting from my ZoneAlarm who was missing one of the Tortoise dlls. Thanks to Google and the author of this post. It was 5 minutes to find the answer however the solution took another 15 minutes instead of the 5 initially planned.

First commit, then upgrade ;)

Apache Compression: Performance Magic

Recently I have revisited the performance issue on my largest project – Diorama.Ru.  4000 users with 60.000 page views hitting the server every day. I am proud to have such a “playground” for performance optimization.

We’ve started with the MySQL tuning several months ago, then I have introduced the application level caching using Smarty template engine and finally pushed the last button – Apache gzip compression via mod_deflate.

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Design behind the design :)

Exploring Boxes and Arrows today I’ve found a broken link. The 404-page suggested me to “go back to where you come from”. Nice.

I had an intention to help by informing a webmaster but I didn’t find any single contact (or at least the way to contact the authors) on the whole website. Nothing. Closed like a Black Box.

May be this is a new step in UX evolution, who knows…