About Me

I have created my first website in 1998, worked in various web design agencies, grounded my own, emigrated, learned German, found new job, coded a CRM system, experimented with game design, travelled over the world as SAP consultant, survived plenty of escalations and “warrooms” in customer support, fixed bugs and coded my own, and, finally, found my way back to design in 2012.

I am able to research and learn new things, lead design teams, create design visions, turn them into design systems and, most important, I will stay with you to make them real. My design doesn’t finish with a handover of some Sketch or PSD files. It continues with implementation, survives critique from developers and product owners, undergoes user validation and adopts to deadlines. Everything with an ultimate goal – to deliver the great experience to the users and customers. The real highlight for me to see my designs in action and be able to improve them over time.

In my spare time I am a happy father, lucky fisherman and a passionate chess player.